25/03/2014 11:05

Pre-Hurricane Season Tip #2

Roofs are important to our safety and protection of our home and to our loved ones.

 A roof that is poorly constructed is problematic, in any season, however for the hurricane season it may become catastrophic.

 Roofs, especially in need of repair, should be done by experts, who know about roofing and roof repairs. The fact is one leak can lead to many leaks and over time will prove to be more costly over the long term to fix.

 Ensure that you do timely in-depth roof inspections and put together a plan of action to get the well-needed roof repairs done ahead of the hurricane season.

 So remember to get your roof checked out and ensure that its safe, you can call us for roof inspection at 876.364.1111 or 876.259.3757




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